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Maule Air Texas, Inc. - Testimonials

I am writing this to let you know that I highly recommend Maule Air Texas inc. to sell your airplalne.  Charlie Miller is a great guy and did a fantastic job of selling my plane for me.  He always kept me informed if he had prospective buyers.  He is a very knowledge individual when it comes to airplanes and he has been doing it for years. 

He ended up selling my plane to a foreign buyer and he handled the international exchange of money and transaction perfectly without a hitch. 

Charlie was very good about advertising the plane in various publications.  Charlie is the best.

A very satisfied customer

Bob May


Hey Charlie, just wanted to say thanks for doing such a great job of getting my Cherokee sold and making everything go so easily. From getting top dollar to having a buyer ready within hours of listing everything went smoothly. You were always available on the phone for advice or whatever was needed. Although the first buyer didn't decide to purchase you had another within hours. Now if you just brokered Antique cars I would have you sell that too!

Mr. Miller:
My apologies for not writing to you sooner to thank you for helping me sell my Citabria, N272AC. It has been several weeks since the sale and I appreciate all you did in advertising my airplane, organizing the paperwork and representing me with prospective buyers. I was surprised how quickly you had my airplane sold. Your brokers fee was money well spent. You handled all aspects of the sale in a highly professional manner. I appreciated all the courtesy you extended to me during the process.

The military has a term for successfully and expertly completing all mission objectives: Bravo Zulu (job well done), it applies to you. Thank you sir.
Michael J. Banner
Gainesville, FL

In 2011 I purchased my first airplane. It was a 1968 PA28, Cherokee 180D. I was 60 years old . The fact that I had just had stents placed in my heart precipitated and annual battle with the FAA Medical process was frustrating; however I was able to to secure a valid medical every year up to 2020. During the years I was able to fly, as far as I was concerned my Piper was US Air, with no delays at the airport.
When it came time to sell my airplane, having never sold one before, I was not prepared to do so. I didn’t have a customer base or exposure to the airplane market. In my business life, I ran an automobile dealership and have been involved in literally thousands of sales transactions. The difference was I was familiar with the automobile business and not familiar with the airplane market.
Anyone who owns an airplane has received post cards in the mail stating “I have someone who will buy your airplane now”, only to find out they are basically wholesalers looking to buy your plane way behind retail. Having called several of these so called airplane buyers, I received yet another post card in the mail. This one was from Maule Air Texas Inc.. I called the agent Charlie Miller and told him about my airplane. Charlie stated that he had several “buyers that wanted to purchase my plane” and that he would probably present me with an offer to purchase WITH A CASH ERNEST MONEY DEPOSIT” within in a couple of days. If I wanted him to represent me he would send a sellers agreement to sign. Further I was not obligated to any fees and could rescind the agreement. I signed the sellers agreement on February 3, 2021 and received a cash offer, WITH AN ERNEST MONEY DEPOSIT’’ on February 5,2021. The new owner took delivery on March 18,2021.
In sales there are only two things you really need, customers and a product. A qualified customer base is something that the everyday person does not have. In Charlie Miller, who is a ATP, CFII, MEII,A&P/IA, you have experience, knowledge, and a business acumen that instills trust and confidence. Charlie told me he had several customers for my plane, which he did. He said he would present me with offers from qualified buyers, which he did. He told me what my total fees would be for him to represent my airplane, which he did. Further he stated that he and his staff would handle all settlement issues of the purchase. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop but it never did. Charlies group are complete professionals.
In selling the trick is to put a customer and a product together and make the DEAL CASH. Charlie did that effortlessly. The Bible says the laborer is worthy of his hire. I got what I paid for.
Jim Hanson
Former owner of N7745N

Dear Charlie,
We just finalized the sale of my P-Baron this morning.  I want to thank you for the very efficient manner in which you found the perfect buyer; arranged for all of the necessary paperwork to be handled with minimal effort on my part; and closed the deal without a glitch.  I was particularly pleased that you seemed to be promptly available to answer any question I might have.
I know that both the buyer and I found the whole process seamless.   I would be happy to talk with any client about my experience with you and your company. Thank you again,
John Thomas