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Maule Air Texas, Inc. - Testimonials

Thanks for helping me to buy my first airplane. I was a little worried with buying an airplane in Washington state since I live in Texas but everything went smoothly and I was able to buy my airplane without any problems. I am very happy with my first airplane and I think I have one of the best looking American Champion Citabrias around. Thanks again!
Mary Davis

   Simon and I appreciated your very professional help in finding a buyer for our 1977 Bellanca 8KCAB Decathlon, and especially in facilitating the entire sales transaction process with document forms and various advice and consultation along the way. We were very satisfied, and we believe our buyer was also, and we would be glad to work with you again or refer you for any business of this sort.
Jay and Simon

We have gotten to know each other over the last few months; I have been flying each Saturday morning since June of 1974, from a Cessna 150, then a Piper Cherokee 180 and finally the Maule 235.  For me flying is part religion, a lot of relaxing and you have helped me move into another chapter of my life in selling Maule N235MG, a wonderful aircraft to fly the mountains of Arizona.  Your assistance in finding someone that I believe will care and use the aircraft is important to me, thanks for the relationship.
Regards, Gale

Charlie, I finished my tail wheel sign off from my instructor on my M7.  It has been a lot of fun learning to fly the plane and I look forward to some adventures in the future.  The plane works very well and I have not had any problems.  I did install an engine heater.  Thanks for your hel with the purchase. Victor Gennaro

I was a novice buyer and Charlie worked with me for over 4 months in my efforts to decide on and to locate what I determined was the right fit for me.  I had worked with other brokers and their reps but always came back to Charlie because of his extensive knowledge and willingness to share it with me.

Relying only on a Pre-Buy inspection and Charlie's detailed description and recommendation I was able to purchase a Maule M7 235 without seeing it. N66E turned out to be a super great airplane and very well worth what I paid for it.

When a personal problem unexpectedly arouse and forced me to sell this beautiful bird, Charlie got the job done in record time and with a modest profit for me to boot. Can't ask for anything more than that!

As soon as I am able to jump back in to the aviation world, I will be back on the phone with Mr. Charlie Miller.

Hank Willig