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Maule Air Texas, Inc. Testimonials

Thank you VERY much Charlie!!
Phil Gustte, B787 United Airlines

Hi Charlie: 
I wanted to let you know I have appreciated the manner in which you have managed the sale of My now helicopter. Everything which you represented to me was exactly as you stated. It is unusual, in my experience, to have everything handled without a glitch.
Your work and the introduction to the former owner made everything as smooth as glass.
Thank You again, Jim Charbonneau

Follow up: 
We flew from Milan Missouri, to Spokane with the bird you sold me. Quite the experience. As high as 9000 ft. over the Rockies and slid through a hole in the clouds. Heart stopping fun.
Jim Charbonneau.

N937TE - Thanks Charlie for the help with this purchase. This is the plane I was looking for. You made me feel comfortable with the purchase. I have purchased 20 airplanes. This was a good one. I trusted you; and the seller. When I came to Dallas to purchase/inspect.....You could not see me until Sunday PM. BECAUSE.....you were in Church. That meant a lot to me. I knew right away I could trust you. I have learned over the years you can generally TRUST pilots. They care for their planes. They are a special breed. However, I’ve been burned a couple times over the years. That was not the case with Charlie. I knew when I met him, I could trust him. I’ll pick up this plane in a couple of weeks. But I feel good about the way it was represented to me. Jim Leach


Thanks for your time & help!

Clancy O'Flanagan


It's been a pleasure dealing with you!

Tom Rosetti