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Maule Air Texas, Inc. Testimonials

It was a pleasure doing business with you in the purchase of a Cessna 182Q.  You honestly represented the airplane and were most helpful in completing the transaction.  Hopefully we can do business again in the future.
Todd Peterson 
Peterson's Performance Plus, Inc.

"Charlie and Maule Air Texas did a great job in selling my Cessna Skylane. 
I tried to sell it myself but Portland is a small market and online advertising only brought in low ball offers. 
Within a matter of a few days Charlie brought in multiple offers at or above my asking price. We accepted the second offer and closed within 2 weeks.
Charlies's extensive knowledge of the aviation marketplace and global contacts made the selling process simple and easy to understand. He provided all the necessary paperwork and procedures to make the Seller's responsibilities clear and straightforward. 
I highly recommend him to both Buyers and Sellers.
Richard Pierce
Portland, Oregon

Testimonial for Maule Air Texas Brokerage Services My experience with Charlie Miller and Maule Air Texas has been nothing short of phenomenal. It began with my listing an airplane with them for sale. They sold the airplane the first day it was listed! That left me without an airplane much more quickly than anticipated. Jokingly, I told Charlie that now he had to find me another airplane! He told me about their Broker Service for aircraft purchases. They did such a fantastic job selling my airplane for me, I thought, ‘why not.’ Based on my experiences with them, I absolutely would trust them to help me find and purchase a new airplane. Charlie and Maule Air Texas immediately jumped into action and provided listings of airplanes that met my basic requirements (sometimes several times a day). Over the course of the next few weeks, Charlie thoroughly vetted numerous airplanes for me and found quite a few ‘frogs’ among the princesses! I never would have known what to ask or where to look, but Charlie did! He also acted quickly to lock in an airplane that he found for me that I really liked and wanted. He did all the negotiations on my behalf and suggested that I use a title company for the closing and even made suggestions of reputable companies that he’d done business with before. OMG, I’m so glad he did! They found that the aircraft had actually never been registered with the FAA by the current owner and had several unreleased liens against the title dating back more than twenty years! Honestly, I never would have even asked those questions! I’m so glad that I had Charlie and the title company on board! Charlie made all the arrangements with the seller for the pre-purchase inspections and movement of the airplane. Not only that, he helped the seller do the proper paperwork to comply with the FAA registration requirements. He even had suggestions for me for reputable ferry pilots to move the airplane from one side of the country to the other for me. Charlie and his ‘team’ straightened everything out in a matter of days and closed the deal. They handled all the “paperwork” electronically and made the whole adventure stress free in a situation that if I’d not had his help, would have been a disaster! I give Charlie Miller and Maule Air Texas my highest recommendation, without reservation. They have been around a long time and know the airplane business, first hand, inside and out. I didn’t even know what I didn’t know about buying or selling an airplane! They steered me through the maze with professionalism, class and kindness. I will be forever grateful for doing business with Charlie Miller and Maule Air Texas. Susan Hedenberg, CEO DC Aerial Photos Inc

Maule Air Texas and Charlie Miller are outstanding! My husband, mechanic and aviator friends told me to expect it to take a very long time to sell my 1972 Maule M4 when I decided to put it on the market. A few months back, I received a post card in the mail from Maule Air Texas and decided to hang on to it "just in case." I emailed them and Charlie got back to me immediately both by email and telephone. He asked me for the pertinent information and for some photos which I sent via email.  Charlie listed my Maule for me AND SOLD IT THE FIRST DAY! Maule Air Texas handled everything and even sent me a "closing package" with all the documents needed, specific directions on what gets signed where and goes where and even supplied mailing envelopes!
I am so pleased with Maule Air Texas. I give them the highest recommendation! Charlie is friendly, fast and you better be ready for your airplane to sell, because Maule Air Texas will get it done for you! As a matter of fact, I've asked Charlie and Maule Air Texas to find me a replacement airplane. They take all the research, negotiation and stress out of buying or selling an airplane. Nothing could be better!
Susan Hedenberg
DC Aerial Photos, Inc
Fredericksburg Virginia

Well done Charlie. Thanks