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Maule Air Texas, Inc. Testimonials

N937TE - Thanks Charlie for the help with this purchase. This is the plane I was looking for. You made me feel comfortable with the purchase. I have purchased 20 airplanes. This was a good one. I trusted you; and the seller. When I came to Dallas to purchase/inspect.....You could not see me until Sunday PM. BECAUSE.....you were in Church. That meant a lot to me. I knew right away I could trust you. I have learned over the years you can generally TRUST pilots. They care for their planes. They are a special breed. However, I’ve been burned a couple times over the years. That was not the case with Charlie. I knew when I met him, I could trust him. I’ll pick up this plane in a couple of weeks. But I feel good about the way it was represented to me. Jim Leach


Thanks for your time & help!

Clancy O'Flanagan


It's been a pleasure dealing with you!

Tom Rosetti


Wanted to thank you for your assistance in purchase of N185A.  We had a long day yesterday shuttling planes around but we got it done. 

Thanks again,

James P. “J.P.” Metzler, PE

Thanks Charlie!