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Maule Air Texas, Inc. Testimonials

Thanks for your help Charlie!


I just wanted to thank you and Maule Air for selling my Bonanza.   The plane was under contract in just over one week from the time I called you!  I am sure that your help sold the Bonanza quicker and I made more money than if I had tried to sell it myself.  You were a pleasure to deal with and I am very happy that I chose Maule Air to sell my Bonanza.  Brad - April 2019

Best Regards,

Brad Fennell, McKinney TX

I had a nice Citabria that I just was not flying much.  Primary reason was I was too busy with work, not that I did not enjoy the airplane.  We have 2 other planes so I decided this one should find a new owner to enjoy it.

I had a few lookers but I was not focused on them, again too busy with my work.  A Maule Air postcard came in the mail so I called just to see what the program was.  Charlie did not need much work on my part to give me what he thought he could get me for the plane.  Told me it would be easy and he would get me a qualified buyer, all I needed to do was to sign off and let him do it.

Within a week I had a purchase contract.  Charlie called me back later to say “that guy backed out”.  Not to worry as he was sending a second contract that same day; same deal, only the buyers name was changed.  This buyer closed the sale in 10 days.

Professional, great communication, fast and most of all easy; just as promised. 

Jim O'Day, President

I want to thank you for all your help...it is appreciated!

I know very little about airplanes except that my dad loved his.  When he passed away, I was charged with the daunting task of figuring out how to sell Dad’s “pride and joy”.  I had quite a collection of postcards from Maule Air Texas, Inc that Dad and I had saved for this reason.  We had some low-ball bids from people who knew of my Dad’s plane, but Dad’s fellow pilot friends knew it had more value than what was being offered.  So, I contacted Maule Air Texas.com and Charlie called me back.  Charlie handled everything professionally, and calmly understanding my lack of knowledge.   We sold our plane within a day of advertising it and we got a price that we were pleased with.  The best part; we met some really great people, made a solid fair deal and my father’s plane has been given a new life.  Otherwise it would still just be sitting in the hangar.
One day when my son is ready to fly a plane, we will most definitely call Charlie at Maule Air Texas.
April Nelson
Orchard Ranch, LLC
Ten Sleep, WY