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1959 Cessna 182B at Maule Air Texas, Inc.

1959 Cessna 182B Pre-Owned

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Details: 1959 Cessna 182B.

1959 Cessna 182B
N 2630G

This beautiful Cessna 182B “Fastback” has been completely restored!

N 2630G - Price: $83.5K


Airframe Time: 2960 TTSNEW
Engine: 10 SMOH
Propeller: 10 SMOH


ADS-B Out Compliant for 2020!!

Narco Mark 12 D
King KMA Audio Panel
Narco AT-50 Transponder w/Mode C
Trans-Cal SSD1210 Altimeter
Alcoa Single EGT


10 / 10
Colors: Bare Metal


5 / 10
Color: White / Brown
Material: Vinyl / Fabric

Owners Notes:

Aircraft Exterior chemically stripped, interior stripped and degreased, cabin overhead primed.


Monarch fuel cap system, mains and nose tires and tubes, LH & RH brake discs. LH & RH brake pads, LH & RH stainless landing gear leg tubing, Lord shimmy dampener, steering arms, steering boots, Burl’s AC LLC light weight battery box for Odyssey Battery - located LH firewall in engine compartment, Odyssey battery, throttle control cable, mixture control cable, prop control cable, cowl flap cable, carb heat cable, tach cable, cabin placards, exterior placards, starter cable from relay to starter, battery cables, RG400 coax - Com #1, Nav. GPS, transponder and connectors, handheld com antenna, 406 ELT with remote panel switch and antenna, (2-wire), Four place intercom, Airtex Glare shield pad - black, Airtex carpet, Airtex headliner, (headliner not installed), Great Lakes Aero 1/4” gray tinted windshield, 4” bubble gray tinted pilot & copilot windows, tinted gray passenger windows, K2U baggage door, cabin doors, window seals, Rosen Sun Visor system, Hooker Harness shoulder, lap & crouch belts, Fuel selector plate, 1” Cessna Vac. gauge, Gyro air filter and hoses, fuel quantity transmitter gaskets and screws, Mil-H-6000 fuel tank hoses, CO2 detector, sound deadening on aft side of firewall, 60 amp breaker - Alternator, cabin seal air valve, hardware / cad plated, seals & gaskets, Dynamic propeller carb heat box, Intake to carb duct box, Bracket engine air filter, engine shock mounts, engine grounding straps, engine cowl timber man firewall nuts, Pacific mfg. Oil Cooler, remote Airwolf oil filter system, engine baffling, engine ignition harness, voltage regulator, fire sleeved engine hoses, intake rubber, McCauley 2 blade Prop & Prop Governor.


LH & RH brake hoses upper / lower - new hose material, LH & RH Master cylinders resealed, Nose Strut resealed and painted, Fuel supply hose from strainer to pump with new hose material - fire sleeved, all rudder pedals powder coated gray.


Starter, rebuilt exhaust system, Camshaft, all accessory drive gears Magna-fluxed @ One Stop Engine Shop, Lifters removed - inspected IAW OH Manual - installed as a matched set with camshaft, Oil Temp system, EGT system,


Crankcase by Divco and Thru-Bored, Connecting rods by One Stop Engine Shop, McFarlane Fuel selector, Marvel-Schebler Carburetor, All 6 engine cylinders by One Stop Engine Shop, push rods, valves, rings, brake cylinder, starter drive.


Narco MK12D, King KMA Audio Panel, Narco AT50A Transponder, Trans-Cal SSD120 Alt. Digitizer, Alcoa single EGT system, Hand Mike, Com 1 Antenna, GPS Antenna, Transponder Antenna, Marker Beacon Antenna, Nav. Antenna, All control cables, All bulbs, Wing tip Model ADSB – out.


Original rear seat, interior side panels, wheel pants.


Unpainted interior & exterior, Stack Instrument panel & instruments, No - lift strut fairings or landing gear fairings,


Cessna 182 A,B,C,D - Performance Data
Horsepower: 230 Gross Weight: 2650 lbs
Top Speed: 148 kts Empty Weight: 1560 lbs
Cruise Speed: 141 kts Fuel Capacity: 55 gal
Stall Speed (dirty): 54 kts Range: 450 nm

Takeoff Landing
Ground Roll: 620 ft Ground Roll 610 ft
Over 50 ft obstacle: 1080 ft Over 50 ft obstacle: 1310 ft

Rate Of Climb: 1030 fpm
Ceiling: 19800 ft

Complete Log Books, Equipment Manuals

Damage History:


General Condition:

This aircraft has had a complete renovation in 2018.


• Aircraft Based in OR

N 2630G - Price: $83.5K

(Specifications, performance, equipment, included equipment, after market STC’s, component times, included STC’d equipment, damage history and condition subject to verification upon inspection)
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Color: Bare Metal